Thursday, January 17, 2008

Inspiration in from "Ranger Rick"

The copy of "Ranger Rick" was devoured by my son and daughter; the November issue I think.  As I was cleaning up the mass of magazines I notice this article and wondered why it took me until January to find it.  In case you don't know "Ranger Rick" is a kids magazine on wildlife published by the National Wildlife Foundation.  Its been around since I was little, but now I wondered "when did it become so cool?"

Each bug is made from a metal part of something:  trumpet mouthpieces, change purse skeletons, old silverware, car parts, ashtrays, and just about anything else metal.  Look at these photos carefully and you'll see what I mean.  This artist is fabulous.  If I could only find the "Ranger Rick"  I found him in, I'd tell you his name...  I'll work on that.

Now thats inspiration for makers, hackers, and craftsters alike - and found in a kids magazine!  I've got to keep my eyes much more open from now on.


Jannelle said...

Hi Jen from New Zealand, thought I would check out your blog, hope all is well. Jannelle (Heart Felt)

Sexy Lexi said...

Dude, that is right up JC's alley! When I see bugs, I think of him :)

Miss you guys!