Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nanny #1 - The Original

In an earlier post, I revealed one of many versions of "English Nanny" on which I've been working.  The Nanny in this post is the one that started it all - the original.  

She's constructed of a mustard-colored wool felt overcoat, a cream wool felt for the face, brown wool for the hair, a recycled and felted red sweater for gloves, and recycled and felted random piece of houndstooth wool for the boots.  The Nanny was machine sewn in black thread for accents.  The face was hand-embroidered.

Despite the fact that my 3 year old adopted her before she received her hat and scarf, Nanny 1 turned out just fine in my eyes.  I love her character with the oversized coat, the boots, the bun in the back of her hair.  I think I'd rather have seen her with a rounded butt so that she could sit down and to take away the pucker that happens around the legs.

Overall, with a few changes, I'd happily work on nanny again when I have time.  Until then, I'll just have to live with Nanny 2, the more sophisticated version in needle-felted wool.

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