Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ball of yarn #3

I've taught myself how to spin yarn.  I thought about how satisfying it would be to actually make the yarn I'm knitting with - especially for a gift.  Now that's a gift that says "I love you".  Next I'll probably buy the sheep and start from the absolute beginning.  I would if I had the space.

Anyway, the spindle and fleece came in the mail on Saturday .  I've spent a good deal of time practicing already and its not easy to get the right tension and to join pieces.  I am an absolute klutz with the spindle.  

This is the third ball of yarn I've made.  They've all come out a little different.  The soft alpaca fibers were so luxurious to spin.  It came out super thick, extra soft, but a little loose.   I really like the feel of it.  I'm still working at it and sort of addicted to it.

(Saturday was a very good mail day as a package from Melisa of Tiny Happy also came.  I will show off the contents of that package in a separate post)

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