Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tiny Happy's Lucky Winner

I made a comment sometime ago on Melissa Wastney's site, Tiny Happy, to tell her how much I liked what she does on her blog and in her store.  Her talent is something very special.  A few days later, she informed me I was the winner of an several Christmas decorations - a lovely bunch of tied straw ornaments.  

The package arrived from Norway shortly after Christmas.  I ripped into it like it was still the holidays and found much more than straw ornaments.  The top photo is of two lovely little people with wooden heads, knit caps, felt jumpers, and straw hair.  They are very intricately dressed and oh so sweet.  They are now guarding my "making" desk and actually must be guarded themselves from 4 tiny hands that are not allowed to touch unless supervised.  

The photo immediately above includes a fantastic embroidered pouch that has been put to good use as a traveling case for my circular needles.

This is the packaging it all came in along with the very cute calling card stamped on graphing paper and the pouch.  Yes, I saved long enough to save the sea creature stamps on the outer wrapping.  I am very found of stamps and have quite a large collection - I know, a geeky topic that I'm sure to discuss some other day - but my son had called first dibs on these and I could hardly deny him.

The ornaments are straw, as I previously mentioned, and quite intricately tied to form stars, snowflakes, hearts, and angels.  They are truly beautiful and will have a treasured place on our tree next year.  Actually, they are still on my desk too as I can't bear to put them away yet.

Melissa also sent along some original artwork postcards made from watercolor and pen drawings.  They are a treasure and will be used - I love the warmth of sending handmade correspondences as thank you and hello cards.

Melissa, thank you so much for your thoughtful and sweet package.  Each item is a gem and will be treasured.  It is an honor to own something from someone whose work I've admired so much over the past few years.  I've saved your address and am working on a return thank you package.  


dthneece said...

I'm glad that you are blogging again and that your little one has recovered from his tonsil removal! Your writing is so wonderful. Your eye for and appreciation of detail is wonderful!

Jen said...

Thanks so much for the compliments. I so appreciate comments the warm wishes to my son. Thanks for reading!

Melissa said...

dear jen,
thank you for this lovely post- and all your kind words. you are so very sweet. i'm glad you liked he package- it was an honour to send it to you!
p.s. what a brave son you have- so glad he managed it well. :)