Saturday, April 25, 2009


Monday was a perfect weather day, although most people would call it overcast or dreary. The sky is seldom grey for an entire day here. The sun always makes a showing even if it does eventually take a nap. Today it wasn't even supposed to make it out of bed. I say that's the perfect weather to be out and about.

After my son's speech therapy, I felt an impromptu visit to a nearby swingset would start the day in a magnificent way and really surprise the kids. So in a tiny white-washed-fenced park with grey clouds looming above, we swung our hearts out. Up and down, high and low, every two seconds "higher than the sky".

As expected, I finally felt the kind of intermittent, fat, plopping rain indictive of a serious Florida downpour. Thankful for the warning, we escaped to the car, just as the rain poured from buckets in the sky. We sat quietly, happy to be prisoners of our own dry car, and watched the swings twist in the wind.

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