Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seven Sticky Pairs of Shoes

I must have been in a really crafty mood when I started this.  Seven pairs of baby shoes - each a little different.  I generally sew all layers together, but it takes a mighty long time with lots of room for error.  So, I tried something new this time.  I used a heat bond product to adhere the layers of fabric together.  "I am so crafty", I thought, "and I'll save so much time."  Neither were true.

It turns out that sewing through heat bond leaves "sticky" on your machine needle which causes skipped stitches and frayed thread.  Who knew?  I thought thats what heat bond was for - adhering applique pieces to a base to be sewn through at a later time.  I must be doing something  horribly wrong.  Does anyone know what I've done wrong?  You would be saving me from 7 pairs of handstitched shoes.

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