Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gadgets on Strike (or why everything at my house is broken)

We have a new family routine at our house thanks to the strike currently staged by my gadgets.  Let me elaborate...

Every morning my kids wake up at 5 am and start playing with their toys.  After I've woken from accidentally falling asleep again on the sofa, they've got half of their rooms dragged out into the family room.  They used to veg in front of a cartoon or two and wake up slowly while I sipped on coffee and read the news.  Why have we changed our routine you ask?  The 42" flat panel TV purchased less than a year ago decided to stop showing us pictures to go with the sound.  If they want to "watch" TV, they now have to gather around the speakers and imagine (which isn't bad at all except for the toy excavation I have to perform later to find my family room floor).

After coming home from driving my husband to work, I run inside to unlock the garage door, manually lift it, hop back in the car, drive it in, and manually close it.  This is my routine every time I leave/arrive at my home.  My garage door stopped working.  It was the first gadget to go.  My biceps will be the size of rump roasts by the time we get that fixed.

Note that this post has no photo and is relatively short.  And although you can't see it, I am typing at the speed of light trying to get my thoughts out before my Apple crashes and burns perhaps for the last time ever.  This is the third thing to self destruct in as many weeks.

We think our gadgets are on strike.  Its either that or we live on a magnet landfill that has been long forgotten.

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44timestwo said...

usually that means mercury is in retrograde. all gadgets die.

wait a month or two before doing anything about it - otherwise they'll all break again right away!!