Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nani Iro's Free Patterns

Some time ago, I added Nani Iro to my "places I wish I could shop list" for two reasons.  First, the fabric is gorgeous.  Second, free patterns!  The link takes you to patterns for mainly kid's clothes, adult clothes, and accessories like bags.  
I like to look at patterns to see how the clothes get their shape and how they are sewn together.  It can start to see how a certain shape produces a specific result.  That said, Nani Iro's patterns are generally one page and leave a lot of steps un-illustrated which, unless you can read japanese, means you have to "fill in the blanks" so to speak.  
There are no full sized patterns, so you have to have a lot of time to draw out a full-sized pattern based on take-off points.  You also need knowledge of basic garment construction and be able to follow schematics.  I think I'd brave it for those cute little bloomers, but I'd hardly have the patience for a few of the dresses (maybe since they are really really cute...).  


Clara said...

I discovered your blog today and I just love all your stuff and creativity!!!
Thanks for sharing!
All my best
Clara from Sweden
I have a blog to...but its written in Swedish...because my english is not so good...

Clara said...

Thank you so much jen, for your nice word in my blog! yes , all photos are mine....I love my camera :) But I also love to make cloth, bags and other stuff with my hands...If you wish to look at my craft you can visit my place in flickr....
Have a nice weekend!
Clara again :)

Alexis said...

those bloomers are adorable!

marie said...

wow! i love naomi ito's fabrics..so beautiful

Jill said...

Lovely blog! I just discovered it. Thanks for the tip on the Nani Iro site and patterns. Yes, their fabrics are gorgeous. I love how you're repurposing old sweaters...really nicely done!