Monday, February 4, 2008

Midge the Pigeon and Merle the Squirrel

The Pigeon and the Squirrel have recently earned their keep.  

I wasn't going to sell them because I love them so much.  They are one-of-a-kinds and an original design.  I figured it was time to part with them as they've only been sitting in the closet.  After our beach vacation in August, I added the crab and jellyfish to the collection (also just sitting in the closet).  So I listed Midge the Pigeon and Merle the Squirrel in my shop and hoped they would be well received.

Over the weekend, shortly after their listing, a fellow Etsy-ian contacted me about including them, along with several other items listed, in her handmade shop in Lexington, Kentucky!  I was shocked (and rather proud).  This is my first request for wholesale.  She said she loved Midge and Merle - and thus they've earned their keep, even if they haven't sold yet.

Other requested items include the Big Girl Bags and the Little Lunchbox Lovenotes!  

My other thoughts about the request?  I've gotta get sewing because that is a lot of work!


Beverly said...

Midge and Merle are too cute.

Lucys Place said...
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Lucys Place said...

I wish I had been introduced to Merle and Midge sooner (i.e. before they had sold). The are so darn cute, especially Midge. I hope they are living a lovely life at their new home.

(Sorry about the double post - I don't like to misspell!)