Friday, March 28, 2008

Online Suppliers of Natural Fabrics

I wrote a post like this for my old blog, String and Scissor, and thought I'd do an updated list for natural fabrics (cotton, wool, linen, bamboo, etc.) along with a list of stores where you can buy organic fabrics.  I've also noted if the shop is PayPal friendly for all of you with Etsy shops who have a balance burning holes in your pockets.
I will continuously update this list.  If you have any suggestions or additions, please let me know by commenting.


Linnet  (PayPal) $29 per half-yard for most linen.  This is a Japanese business;  I've linked to the English website.  I LOVE to look, but its a bit too pricey for me.  They have a beautiful selection of every kind of linen fabric, trim, and notions I can think of.  Fabrics in a variety of weights.  I love the simplicity of this site and its fabrics. (PayPal) $5-$9 per yard.  Solids and yarn-dyed.  Pure linen, linen/cotton blends in a number of thicknesses.  (PayPal) $5-$20 per yard.  The ~$5 per yard linen is a blend of Linen/Rayon/Polyester; $10 per yard for pure linen; Above 
$10 for Italian or Import Linen.  They even have cotton/linen jersey.

SIMPLY DESIGNED COTTONS (you have to check these out):

Nani Iro  from Kokko Fabrics:

Photo:  Nani Iro 2008 Collection

Japanese double gauze cottons, Linen canvas, cotton double-knits, among others in the most interesting prints.   Also look under the "sewing" header to find the best free patterns I've ever seen.  You may have to get Google to translate the page.  
(too) Easily found at:  PurlSoho  SuperBuzzy 

Tana Lawn Collection from Liberty of London 

From England, some of the finest cotton available in beautifully stunning prints.  I don't know of many places in the states that carry it, but you can get it both in the brick and mortor store and online at Purl Soho.

Photo:  Shinzi Katoh

A Japanese zakka designer, he has the cutest line of cotton fabrics (and almost everything else from table wear to aluminum bottles) bearing his illustrations.  His designs come in cotton cloth, laminated, knit, canvas, and quilted yardage.  He also has a line of fabric tape.  Some fabrics and a good selection of linen tape available  SuperBuzzy.   You can also check various sellers on Etsy by typing in Shinzi Katoh as a key word. 

Near Sea Naturals  (PayPal) $11-$114 per yard.  This is another store I wish I could afford.  They've got a wide selection of cotton, wool, and natural blends in knits and wovens and in several weights.  They also have organic elastic banding, trims, lace, and yarn.
Harmony Arts  Wholesalers of organic woven and knit cotton.  Great patterns and matching solids.

Wholesale and Discount Buying:
Near Sea Naturals

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Donna said...

Isn't Linnet fantastic? But I agree, a bit out of my range. is wonderful for Japanese fabric. It's based in Japan, but it takes Paypal and their shipping rates are great.

If you live near a Joann Fabrics, they have expanded their linen selections. They now have about 12 different types of 100 % linen, both solid and striped, as well as 3 or 4 linen/cotton blend prints. And offers a tissue linen that's very nice, it's 7.99 a yard but occasionally goes on sale.