Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dinosaur Eggs

On Thanksgiving, my in-laws brought a gift for my kids.  They opened the bags feverishly, flipping the tissue paper behind them.  Dinosaur eggs.

These mammoths could have passed for those of an ostrich.  We put them in a mason jar and covered them with water.  And then my children watched and waited for a good half an hour until my son said "this is taking a long time mom".  I explained the dinosaurs "hatched" over a number of days.  Patience was the key here.

When the first crack appeared in my son's egg it was midnight.  Because he had checked a number of times before bed, my husband brought the mason jar into my son's room to show him the tiny baby head of a yellow-green dinosaur poking through the top of the egg.  He didn't open his eyes, move his head, or show any signs of waking from his deep turkey and pumpkin pie slumber.

The next morning they discovered on their own that their dinosaur babies had made their appearance.  And that they'd have to wait a few more days for their full maturation.  The above photo is less than a half an hour after they officially "hatched". 

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