Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow Women

I've noticed recently that during particularly difficult rough patches, I am ferociously creative. Doodles and drawings pile up next to patterns and books on my desk. If I can get to the computer, I run through the blogs, listed at right, just to see what they've made. It's as though I MUST make something.

The kids are allowed to use almost anything inside the art drawer (except playdough) in the hopes that I can steal a little more time with the pen and paper and, more importantly, that I can teach them to love creating too.

Part of the "great make" this time includes The "snow women". I've been drawing them, sewing by hand and machine from handmade and dyed wool felt. Making the felt is almost as satisfying as creating something from it.

Each is different from the last - evolving into something more my style each time. The first and third prototypes were bundled and bound in layers of overcoats and sweaters.

The second, the "English Nanny", got away with overcoat only as Livy stole her from my desk before I could finish the hat and scarf. She did return it briefly only so I could add the missing face, but she is still being snuggled as I type.

For now, I'm hoping the need to create will subside. I love making and get great satisfaction from it. But, I don't like feeling of being bound by a need that I can never satiate - like a thin coat on a cold day that doesn't quite keep you warm.

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