Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last week I went to the ER for stabbing chest pain. Diagnosis: pneumonia. I spent all week in bed which sounds nice, but really
only is if you are well enough to enjoy it.

To stretch my lungs and legs I went for a walk Thursday night. It was such perfect weather and without bugs to annoy.

As I was walking, and even through headphones, I heard the tinkling of little bells. I looked back to see my two cats walking with me. They braved cars, other cats, and the unknown to keep me company.

Klee (black) got scared and only made it partially around the block. Miles (grey) and I walked her back home where she darted for the front porch and chose not to join us for a second lap.

Miles and I strolled the entire block. I made sure not to get to far ahead. Upon return, I thanked them both with a dinner of wet food. Their favorite.

Now that's loyalty.

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Veronica TM said...

how sweet! i think they wanted to take care of you because they knew you were sick.
i hope you feel better soon.

Sexy Lexi said...

So cute! My cats will follow me about half way down the block, then sit and cry for me. I wish they would follow the whole way!